Strengthening social safety nets: Hafeez

Hafeez grew up in East Africa. In 1990, he moved to the Lower Mainland. Today, as Director of Technology Solutions, he works to see that BCAA is always available to help its members when they are in need. His job also makes him keenly aware of how important it is for systems to work well together.

“When I came to Canada one of the things I really loved was its good social safety net and one of the things I really like about United Way is that it does a good job of augmenting what is already in place and making sure less people fall through the cracks,” Hafeez says.

“For many people life goes on as it should, but for some people life can throw you an unexpected twist or turn and what’s needed in a high-functioning society sometimes is a bit of a helping hand. With this people can get back on their feet.”

Thanks to Leadership donors like Hafeez, United Way supports 139 agencies, 253 programs and 26 communities across the Lower Mainland to support those in need.
“To be a great community, we need to take care of everyone in that community.”




You’ve helped Victoria and her son get back on their feet.


The first time Victoria walked into the food bank she felt scared and alone, but knew that she needed help getting through a tough time.



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