Because of you, Nabila is learning to read.

Nabila, a mother of four moved to Canada from Afghanistan 12 years ago. “It was heartbreaking to leave behind my family,” says Nabila, “but the war, all the killings, no access to food, it just became too much to deal with.”

Like many refugees, Nabila struggled to adjust to life in a new country until she found the United Way funded New Beginnings program. The program provides a supportive environment for refugee parents and their children to learn and play; to share their parenting skills and knowledge; to develop friendships; and to connect with community resources. Connecting with community resources was critical in Nabila’s case–she was illiterate and relied on her eldest daughter, who was in Grade 2, to help her siblings with their homework.

Today, thanks to your generous support, Nabila is able to read. She can better navigate her community and help her children with their homework so they can grow up to be all that they can be.





Paying it forward: Cathy Ta


Cathy was born in a refugee camp and can identify with Nabila’s struggles. Because of this, she believes in helping build strong communities so people like Nabila can succeed!


“For me to be able to get that help and then return that help – it’s a full cycle.”

– Cathy Ta, United Way Donor


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