You’ve helped Victoria and her son get back on their feet.

Do I pay my rent or do I eat? Those were Victoria’s* choices.

The 31-year-old single mother and her son had just moved to Richmond on an advance provided by her employers – a family who needed daycare for their daughter. She had $1,200 to last until the middle of the month and $1,150 of that had gone to rent. Victoria found herself somewhere she never thought she’d be.

“When I walked into the Food Bank, Janice didn’t even question why I was there, she was like hey, you’re a new person and we’re here to help,” Victoria says of her first trip to the Richmond Food Bank. Over the next year, she would return again and again.

As Executive Director of Richmond Family Place, Janice Lambert sees a lot of families like Victoria’s. That’s because almost 22% of children under 18 in female lone-parent families were living in poverty in BC in 2013. In Richmond, poverty is hidden.

“There are pockets of housing within Richmond where families on a low income are, but it’s not just one neighbourhood. It’s scattered,” Janice says. So agency programs must go where families are. Thanks to donors like you, United Way funded Richmond Family Place is able to offer two early learning programs and an evening dinner program at the Richmond Food Bank where she met Victoria as well as at their main location in Central Richmond.

“Places like this are great because you know that you are not alone,” Victoria says. Richmond Family Place helped Victoria through the ups and downs of the last few years. It also helped her become more self-confident.

Now that they are back on their feet, Victoria and her son continue to attend the Play & Learn Drop-in and Dinner on Wednesday nights.

*name has been changed.




Strengthening social safety nets: Hafeez


Hafeez is a Technology Director and in the business of making sure systems run well.  Because of this he knows it’s important that Victoria and her son get the help they need.


“To be a great community, we need to take care of everyone in that community.“

-Hafeez Amershi, Leadership Donor


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